Overview Edit

Vengeance is a high-risk, high-reward token spell that can only be obtained from playing the Lunar spellbook.

Strategy Edit

If used at the right time, Vengeance can be devastating for your rival. While the damage taken by the user is regular damage, the rival loses health equal to twice that amount, meaning their armor is bypassed.

When going first, it is recommended to keep it in your hand for the first slot of a chapter in order to maximize your control.

When going second, try to predict when the enemy will equip a powerful weapon for the right time to use Vengeance.

Synergies and counters Edit

The effectiveness of Vengeance depends entirely on your rival. Linza decks that like to buff up weapons and Raptor decks that build attack are the most vulnerable. The user must also have sufficient health to take a strike worth of damage from their rival. The spell Heal Group is obtained together with Vengeance and may help.