Overview Edit

Revenant Knight is a powerful Ariane common enemy that promotes an aggressive play style.

Strategy Edit

Revenant Knight is a strong enemy, therefore a high legend Attack value or cards that weaken it before battle are recommended. If the user's deck contains one or two copies of the same Spell, then the Knight's effect will guarantee the drawing of that spell.

It is worth noting that the Temporary Attack is gained before the Strike and lasts until the resolution of the next card as well.

Synergies and counters Edit

Crumble Undead, together with the legend's initial 2 Attack is enough to bring the Knight down without taking any damage from it.

Cards that can be played after Revenant Knight in order to exploit the Temporary Attack include Bind, Mage of Zamorak, Black Demon, Infernal Mage, or even another Revenant Knight.

Due to the innate high Health and Attack of the Knight, decks running it can be vulnerable to grief tactics.

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