Overview Edit

Group Heal is a token spell that can only be obtained from playing the Lunar Spellbook. It is the most defensive lunar spell.

Strategy Edit

Group Heal offers over average healing (using Cabbage as benchmark) and will almost always make your rival take unexpected extra damage from one of his enemies.

Group Heal's psychological effect is also very powerful. Some opponents will refuse to play their enemies during the chapter after a Lunar Spellbook has been cast in the hope that their rival's Boost or Group Heal will be wasted. This may however lead to a weak chapter and possibly losing the game.

It is recommended to use Group Heal as the first card of your chapter in order to maximize the chance of it buffing a rival's enemy.

Synergies and counters Edit

Group Heal can, in some situations, be stacked with Boost in order to massively buff your rival's enemy. This combo will usually result in the death of your unprepared rival.

The best possible play against a Group Heal user is to try to get them to waste it by having a support card only chapter.