Custom Backs are a cosmetic feature, analogous to card sleeves in real card games.

Image Name Description How to unlock
Classic Card Back
Classic The original Chronicle card back. Unlocked by default.
Pioneer's Card Back
Pioneer For those that broke new ground and forged a path ahead. Closed Beta users only. Unlocked by default.
Beast Master Card Back
Beast Master Taming the wild beasts of Gielinor is a tough job and it deserves a worthy prize. 300 Platinum Ingots
Phoenix Card Back
Phoenix From the flames of death a golden Phoenix is born. 500 Platinum Ingots
Magma Card Back
Magma The molten heart of the Wilderness bubbles with power. 200 Platinum Ingots
Chaotic Card Back
Chaotic There's a little chaos in all of us. Unleash yours. 400 Platinum Ingots

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