Overview Edit

Crumble Undead is an uncommon Ariane spell that deals 8 damage to the user's next undead enemy.

Strategy Edit

Since Crumble Undead deals a high amount of damage to undead enemies, it is recommended to use this card with high-health undead targets like Revenant Knight and Undead Dragon. It is worth noting that one can use more than one Crumble undead on the same enemy.

Synergies and counters Edit

Being two of the most powerful undead, Revenant Knight and Zemouregal are ideal targets for Crumble Undead, due to the former needing only the spell damage and the legend's starting 2 attack to take down safely while the latter is instantly killed by it.

Shug can be used to bring high-health, low-attack undead to a state in which Crumble Undead destroys them in one single blow


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