Details Edit

Card Crafting is reached by clicking the blue 'Crafting' button in the top right of your Collection page. In here you can craft all craftable cards, which excludes Basic Cards.

Card Rarity Edit

Each card has a Rarity: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. This Rarity corresponds to the overall use of the card, meaning rarer cards will typically be more useful. To craft a card of a certain rarity, you will need 70 gems of that rarity, plus a certain amount of Legend Tokens based on the rarity of the card you are crafting. Recycling a card will give you 20 gems of that rarity plus half of the Legend Tokens that it would cost to craft a card of that rarity.

Sapphire Cards Edit

Craft -70 Sapphires -2 Legend Tokens*
Recycle +20 Sapphires +1 Legend Tokens*

Emerald Cards Edit

Craft -70 Emeralds -4 Legend Tokens*
Recycle +20 Emeralds + 2 Legend Tokens*

Ruby Cards Edit

Craft -70 Rubies -10 Legend Tokens*
Recycle +20 Rubies +5 Legend Tokens*

Diamond Cards Edit

Craft -70 Diamond -30 Legend Tokens*
Recycle +20 Diamond +15 Legend Tokens*
*-You only give or receive Legend Tokens when you are creating Edit
or recycling cards that are specific to certain Legends. Edit

Gem Exchange Edit

You can exchange gems for a higher or lower gem at a cost of 5 lower gems to make 1 higher gem or 1 higher to make 3 lower gems. You can also exchange unwanted Legend Tokens for Sapphires.

Exchanging Up: Edit

5 Sapphires -> 1 Emerald
5 Emeralds -> 1 Ruby
5 Rubies -> 1 Diamond
1 Legend Token -> 10 Sapphires

Exchanging Down: Edit

1 Diamond -> 3 Rubies
1 Ruby -> 3 Emeralds
1 Emerald -> 3 Sapphires