Card Types Edit

Card Crafting is reached by clicking the blue 'Crafting' button in the top right of your Collection page. In here you can craft all craftable cards, which excludes Basic Cards. The craftable cards are separated into 5 categories, General Cards, The Raptor Cards, Linza Cards, Ariane Cards, and Ozan Cards. These categories each contain 2 types of cards, Enemy Cards and Support Cards. Enemy Cards, you have to kill to achieve the Card Effect. Support Cards, you have to pay Gold to achieve the Card Effect.

Card Sub-Types Edit

Underneath the name on the card, it lists a sub-type if it has one to list. This allows for combos to be achieved when chaining cards together. For instance, defeating the card Zemouregal will draw 3 random Undead Cards from your deck into your hand.

Sub-Types: Edit

  • Beast Cards
  • Kalphite Cards
  • Goblin Cards
  • Undead Cards
  • Pirate Cards
  • Demon Cards
  • Ogre Cards
  • Tzhaar Cards
  • Dragon Cards
  • Giant Cards

General Cards Edit

Below is a list of all general cards that can be used by any Legend.

Enemy Cards

Support Cards: Edit

The Raptor Cards Edit

Linza Cards Edit

Ariane Cards Edit

Ozan CardsEdit